We’ve got all types of affordable, top quality solutions for the produce industry; from tray sealers and vacuum chambers to shrink wrappers, L sealers, flow wrappers, and ultra sonic banding solutions.

With customer expectations getting ever higher, you need a solution that will ensure your carefully grown produce reaches its destination in peak condition without compromising quality and shelf appeal.

Depending on the product, there are several packaging options for fresh fruit and veg: L Sealing and Flow Wrapping being just two options of many.

Flow wrapping is essentially the process in which food is wrapped in film and sealed, either tightly or loosely depending on the product being wrapped. The produce remains fresh and protected while packaging design and branding can easily be integrated.

L sealing machines guarantee the same pressure on all parts of the film and as a result the package is completely closed and the tightness of the wrapping is consistent. Also, where the quality of film joined around the product is limited, lots of film is saved.

Flow wrapping machines

Tray sealing machines

Vacuum Chambers

Ultra Sonic Banding machines

L sealing Machines



L Sealing Machines

L Sealers for fresh produce


Tray Sealing Machines Athena and Orion

Automatic and semi-automatic Tray Sealers


Ultra Sonic Banding Machines

Banders for fresh produce


Flow Wrapping Machines

Flow Wrappers for fresh produce


Film and Consumables

Quality film and consumables from KernPack for perfectly packaged produce

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