KernPack have Polywrap and Bagging solutions for different printed materials such as catalogues, newspapers and magazines, books, calendars and paper compositions. Solutions to not only protect your products in transit, but also  enhance their appeal and presentation.

Our unique Ultra-Sonic Banding Systems offer fully automatic machines that can deal with multiple-ups, process entire rows of stacks, handle large format ranges and minimise manual labour for counting and packing without damaging your finished printed products.

We can supply you a whole range of packaging solutions specifically tailored to your sector and industry requirements. Packaging solutions for Print and Publishing provided by KernPack are:



Shrink Wrapping

Sleeve Wrapping


Banding and Strapping

With the improvements and innovation in computer technology, customer expectations and lifestyle choices and the economic environment, the printing and publishing industry are experiencing significant challenges in today’s market.

Traditional revenue sources are being squeezed with the impact of digital content and retaining existing customers and competition from other suppliers remain key issues for the industry. Keeping your products looking as good when delivered to your customers as they did when they left your business is key to retaining customers. Ensuring your products stand out from your competitors is essential.

KernPack have worked with your industry for nearly 70 years; we understand your needs and the market. We can work with you to help you make your production more efficient, improve your output, and optimise your profit margins with machine solutions tailored to your needs.


Ultra Sonic Banding Machines

A range of banders for print and publishing


Sleeve Wrapping Machines

Sleeve Wrappers for print and published products


Shrink Wrapping Machines

Shrink Tunnels for print and published products


Side Sealing Machine Diamond 650

Continuous servo Side Sealer


Box Motion Side Sealiing Machine

Box motion Diamond 650


Continuous horizontal Side Sealing Machine

HSC continuous Side Sealer


L Sealing Machines

A range of L Sealers for print and published products


Film and Consumables

Quality film and consumables to ensure your printed products are perfectly packaged

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