Trying to differentiate your product from others in the marketplace requires efficiency and flexibility, without compromising quality and shelf stability.

Pet food manufacturers are having to respond to demand for trends such as natural, grain free or premium pet foods with freshness and consumer appeal paramount to being able to stand out above competitor brands. We supply a wide range of versatile, quality packaging machines, systems and solutions for virtually any production requirement.

KernPack have a machine solution for all types of pet food applications, no matter if it’s standard pet food, high meat, baked treats or long goods, to ensure your pet food products are perfectly packaged, every time.

The SFE SA Easy S semi automatic sleeve wrapper is the perfect choice for any size pet food bags or tins. The SFE Easy sleeve wrapper is adept at working in the most demanding production environments and its consistent and secure wrapping ensure your products arrive at their destination perfectly packaged.

The SFE NF Easy Frontal automatic sleeve wrapper is the ideal machine for high speed production able to process 20 packs per minute and perfect for packaging large and extra long products.

So whatever your packaging project, our automation experts have a solution for your production.




Sleeve Wrapping Machines

Semi-Automatic high speed wrapping machine for small and medium production


Sleeve Wrapping Machines

In line automatic sleeve wrapper for large and long packs


Film and Consumables

Quality film and consumables from KernPack for perfectly packaged pet food

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