At KernPack we understand that your market is intensely competitive, and your product needs to stand out on the shelves.  Packaging equipment plays an important role in achieving success. Your products need to be carefully packaged to avoid damage and keep your product fresh and appealing to your customers.

Whether you’re a small producer of artisan ready meals looking to automate your production for the first time, or you’re an experienced food and drink manufacturer seeking a faster, more efficient solution, KernPack has the products and in-house experts to help you.


We’ve got all types of affordable, top quality solutions for the food and drink industry.

From tray sealers, thermoformers and shrink wrappers to L sealers, flow wrappers and ultra sonic banding solutions. We even supply automated parcel lockers for storing fresh or frozen produce, perfect if your business sells online.

We can supply your business with a packaging machine solution to improve your production and ultimately your profits no matter how big or small your business, or how complex your application. So if you’re looking to give your berries a boost or beef up your meat sales, contact the automation experts at KernPack.

So which solution is best for your products?

Ready Meals

Many ready meals on the market are packaged using a Tray Sealing machine, which suit high and low volume food producers. Here’s how it works:

  • The tray is hand filled or filled automatically, depending on the product and volume
  • The food is packed in protected atmosphere or with “skin effect”
  • A film lid is tightly sealed onto the tray
  • A pre-printed band or sleeve can then be placed over the sealed tray

Tray sealing machines save time and money and can be tailored specifically to your products to give consistently great packs, every time.

Tray sealing machines are also used for packaging raw meats, charcuterie and cold cuts, fish, cheeses, fresh olives, deli products, dried fruits and dips.

Fresh fruit, produce and veg

Depending on the product, there are several packaging options for fresh fruits, produce and veg – L Sealing and Flow Wrapping being two options.

Flow wrapping is essentially the process in which food is wrapped in film and sealed, either tightly or loosely depending on the product being wrapped. The produce remains fresh and protected while packaging design and branding can easily be integrated.

Flow wrapping machines are also used for fresh bread and baguettes, pies, pasties, sausage rolls, biscuits, cookies and morning goods. L sealing machines guarantee the same pressure on all parts of the film and as a result the package is completely closed and the tightness of the wrapping is consistent. Also, where the quality of film joined around the product is limited, lots of film is saved.

Fresh baked goods

With bakery goods being consumed by 99% of the population, bakers are looking for more innovative products to satisfy consumer demand. From artisan breads, buns, muffins and cookies to more exotic sweet treats and food to go, bakers are keen to grab shopper’s attention.

Flow wrapping and shrink wrapping, tray sealing and banding are some of the key packaging solutions offering innovative and efficient solutions to baker’s production needs.

Flow wrapping is the process of wrapping a product in a clear or printed film. The product remains fresh and protected and package design and branding can easily be integrated for shelf appeal and customer loyalty.


Kern Frigi Terminals

In a world where e-commerce is constantly growing, many people are ordering food and beverages online rather than shopping in store. By installing a Frigi Terminal in a public location such as train stations and outside supermarkets or in residential areas, you can reach a wider target market. These Terminals allow the temporary storage and transfer of fresh and frozen produce without interrupting the cold chain. Storage compartments can be configured to incorporate chilled, frozen and room-temperature lockers.


KernPack packaging solutions for food and drink

We can offer you a range of quality, affordable solutions for:


GSP 45 Evo

Up to 150 ppm Flow Wrapper


GSP 50 Evo

Up to 150 ppm Flow Wrapper


GSP 55 Evo

Up to 150 ppm Flow Wrapper


GSP 65 Evo

Up to 60/70 ppm Flow Wrapper


GSP 75 Evo

Up to 400 ppm Flow Wrapper


Athena and Orion Tray Sealers

Automatic and Semi-Automatic Tray Sealers


Shark Thermoforming Machine

A range of Thermoforming machines for every budget


Ultra Sonic Banding Machines

A range of banding solutions for food and berverage production


Sleeve Wrapping Machines

A range of Sleeve Wrapping machines for food and beverage production


Kern 24/7 Smart Terminals

Automated storage lockers for fresh and frozen produce


Film and Consumables

Quality film and consumables from KernPack to ensure your products are perfectly packaged

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