Our in-house experts are specialists when it comes to finding the best solution for your application, whatever you’re baking! From croissants to cookies, KernPack has an affordable packaging machine to suit your particular bakery needs.

There are many different challenges for baked goods – dry bakery products such as biscuits, crackers and wafers can be light and fragile with low resistance to moisture and need protection from the external environment as well as physical protection from damage. Appearance is also very important to enable your products to stand out above competitor brands. Convenient pack sizes and packet opening methods are important to your customers.

Moist bakery products such as bread, buns, pastries and muffins can have a comparatively short shelf life and can be susceptible to loss of aroma or flavour. Ideally moist bakery product packaging must be attractive, strong and inexpensive and have sufficient moisture barrier properties to improve the shelf-life, and protect the shape of the product.

Our range of packaging machines and solutions will guarantee your products are wrapped to ensure your products retain freshness and shelf appeal without compromising quality. KernPack can supply your business with automation technology guaranteed to keep you one step ahead of the competition.

We have worked with brands such as Vale of Mowbray to expand their packaging capacity through the incorporation of a versatile flow wrapping system tailored to their specifications. You can read the case study here.


Flow Wrapping Solutions

KernPack supply Flow Wrappers from entry level machines for small to medium sized production to a flexible Flow Wrapper which can pack a wide range of morning goods and individual confectionery, up to the highline Flow Wrapper designed for count lines and high speed automatic packaging systems for ultimate efficiency.

More information about the Flow Wrappers we supply can be found here.

Tray Sealing Solutions

KernPack supply a choice of Semi-Automatic and Fully-Automatic Tray Sealing Machines, the best in the market for ensuring improved productivity, freshness and profit.

More information about the Tray Sealers we supply can be found here.

Banding Solutions

KernPack supply a wide range of unique Ultra Sonic Banding Systems with cold welding banding technology that offers generous space for advertising, coding and processes multipacks and promotional product lines.

More information about our Banding Solutions can be found here.


GSP 45 Evo Flow Wrapper

Horizontal Flow Wrapper up to 150 ppm


GSP 50 EVO Flow Wrapper

Horizontal Flow Wrapper up to 150 ppm


GSP 55 EVO BB Flow Wrapper

Horizontal Flow Wrapper up to 150 ppm


Athena and Orion Tray Sealers

Automatic and Semi-Automatic Tray Sealers


Ultra Sonic Banders

Range of Banding solutions for Bakery and Biscuits


Film and Consumables

Everything you need for perfectly packaged bakes

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