Our Automation and logistics solutions are simple to operate and can significantly help your business reduce labour costs and overhead. Our extensive range is suitable for any size business, no matter what sector you operate in.

With over 70 years experience in automation to offer your business, KernPack is the natural choice for companies looking to automate their production using the latest technology innovations in logistics.

Optimise your logistics with PackOnTime 2 box ® Multi Format Packaging System

An increasing number of people and companies are conveniently ordering items over the internet, with straightforward delivery of the ordered items to their locations. The number of packages to be packed and transported daily to recipients by logistics service providers faces a yearly double-digit growth.

Customer’s purchasing behavior and expectations are changing because of the increasing number of online platforms. More and more crucial for the buying decisions are price, availability and delivery time. Customers order when they have a need.

Shorter delivery times, right up to same-day-delivery, the reduction of delivery costs and minimum order quantities are also reducing the average number of items per order. With the reduction of the number of items per order, more and more air is transported in the used standardized boxes.

The oversized boxes lead to challenges in the entire logistic chain from storage, sorting, transport to distribution. This causes increased costs because of storage space requirements and high need of transportation capacity.

For B2B shipments of accessories, spare parts, consumables, overnight deliveries are becoming more and more important. Required items need to be ready for dispatch, ex stock just in time.

PackOnTime 2box: Facts at a glance

  • Processing capacity:
    up to 750 packages/hour
  • Simple operation by 1 person
  • Package size (inner dimensions):
    min. 100 × 150 × 30 mm
    max. 600 × 400 × 300 mm
  • Sheets: 3 mm corrugated cardboard with B-wave:
    min. 480 × 520 mm
    max. 1350 × 1500 mm
  • Cardboard feeder: from pallet
  • Stack capacity:
    max. 1.5 m pallet stack height (approx. 450 sheets)
  • Closure: with hot glue
  • System dimensions:
    10 × 16 × 2 m (depending on configuration)

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Kern 24/7 Smart Terminals 

24/7 Smart Terminals are very easy to explain: They are parcel and goods delivery terminals controlled by intelligent software and connected to the Internet, which enable secure goods delivery even if the sender and recipient are not present at the same time.

These systems are based on modular, non-refrigerated or refrigerated lockers and can be customised extensively to suit particular needs. An ergonomically-designed user interface ensures secure operation and guarantees that only recipients specified by the sender can access the stored goods.

24/7 Smart Terminals tick all the boxes for booming online commerce. With a 24/7 Smart Terminal, a delivery can even be made when the customers are not at home. They – and only they – can access the shipments around the clock: in conveniently situated places along their route to work, typically at train stations, or in central locations in their neighbourhood. Other popular applications are the supply of spare parts for service technicians and companies, something that is usually done at night, and the transfer of confidential documents at medium-sized and larger companies.

Kern Smart Terminals are available in a variety of different configuration options, depending on what the customer requires. They can be arranged in a line, in an L shape or in a U shape. Additional modules can be added or removed very easily, and the size of the compartments can also be varied as required.

These lockers offer a wide range of logistical services to both business and the domestic markets.

Uniquely easy, around the clock

Pick up or return parcels at any time. Intelligent automated logistics systems for end users enable customer-friendly round-the-clock service and guarantee the greatest possible efficiency for customers and suppliers. This modern logistics solution consists of a terminal with complete operation software. All information for parcel tracking, user management and operation monitoring can be called up electronically at any time.

Endless possibilities

This last-mile logistics solution is suitable for nearly all areas and industries. Thanks to 24/7 Smart Terminals, sales can be expanded and made available around the clock, which allows customers to be independent, something people expect today. The result is new competitive advantages.

Uncomplicated function

24/7 Smart Terminals are designed to fulfil practical requirements. Here is how it works:

  • The customer places an order online. The sender agrees with the recipient that his shipment can be picked up at a particular parcel terminal location.
  • The supplier places the parcel intended for the recipient in a 24/7 Smart Terminal.
  • The system then informs the recipient via SMS, e-mail or push notification and sends him the security code.
  • The recipient picks up the parcel. Then the 24/7 Smart Terminal informs the sender that delivery has been made.

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