Smart Locker Deliveries Rise Dramatically in UK

Recent data published by Tamebay claims the UK now has the most parcel deliveries per person in the world, overtaking countries such as Japan and the US. With 140 million parcels being generated each day, parcels per person rose to 74 compared to the worldwide average of 34 parcels per person per year.

Even following the lifting of all COVID-19 restrictions in the UK, many businesses are continuing to ask employees to work from home and with 500 million parcels being delivered in the UK capital alone this can lead to residential building staff having to deal with an influx of parcels being delivered and left to be store in ill-equipped facilities. Automated parcel lockers present a solution for concierge or reception staff in the way they operate and adapt to their resident’s new behaviours and needs.

What is a smart locker useful for?

Smart lockers offer convenient, safe storage without the need for human intervention. This helps managers get away from having to deal with numerous daily deliveries, saving time, resources without taking staff away from other important jobs and reducing delivery errors and stolen packages.

Already widely used across the UK and Europe the Kern Smart Lockers are the ideal solution to the parcel deluge. They are electronic smart lockers that accept deliveries, notify recipients, and allow easy self-service pick-up around the clock. Accommodating more deliveries with the widest selection of locker configurations, including city, home, refrigerated, freezer and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) lockers, installed at shopping centres, universities, petrol stations, railway stations and residential buildings, to name a few.

No need to be there when you have a smart locker

With a smart locker you can place the items in the lockers and allow people to collect simply by scanning a QR code on their phone. Deliveries can be placed into the locker ready for the resident to collect when they receive a notification that their order is ready for collection. This limits the amount of human contact needed, creating a more frictionless pick-up system.

To find out how Kern’s range of smart, secure and simple locker terminals can support your business, get in touch by emailing us at or give us a call on 0845 680 60 60.




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