So what’s a smart terminal then? Well, we know what it means for something to be called “smart”, but what exactly is a terminal? It could be a building in an airport or railway station where passengers arrive and depart, or a computer terminal comprising a keyboard and screen, or even the hand held device we put our payment cards into when we are paying for our purchases. Other more relevant meanings for a terminal are “end of the line” or “final destination”, repository or storage place.

So what you have are lockers – somewhere to store goods or items, delivery points, or to use current jargon, “last mile delivery solutions”. And they’re smart. Kern 24/7 Smart Terminals are therefore very easy to explain, they are parcel and goods delivery lockers available around the clock, controlled by intelligent software and connected to the Internet, which enable secure goods delivery even if the sender and recipient are not present at the same time. Easy to use and easy to understand.

With a 24/7 Smart Terminal, a delivery can even be made when the customers are not at home. They – and only they – can access the shipments around the clock, in conveniently situated places along their route to work, at train stations, or in central locations in their neighbourhood. This modern logistics solution consists of a terminal (locker) with clever software. Information about parcel tracking, user management and operation monitoring can be called up electronically at any time. These systems are based on a modular software suite and can be customised extensively to suit particular needs. An ergonomically designed user interface ensures secure operation and guarantees that only recipients specified by the sender can access the stored goods.

Kern Smart Terminals software technology provides a global and modern solution for multiple kinds of business and end user ecosystems or business applications, like e-commerce players, retailers, banks, industries, logistic companies or local shops.

To address all types of technical or application requirements, Kern provide a large software solutions portfolio based on an open, scalable and flexible technology package which allows our solution to adapt to changing business dynamics and requirements across industries.


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