According to the Institute of Directors, businesses need to think about their goals for the rest of 2014.

They recommend 5 top business goals for 2014 and suggest that a focus on controlling cash flow is key to your business survival and growth, keeping control of your costs and effective credit control.  Good branding is number 2 on their tip list, and claim that it’s more than just logo or packaging, what is key is how your customers percieve you and your business personality. Reviewing your website and ensuring your branding is consistent are two recommendations the IOD give. At number 3 in their list is looking at your customer relationships and developing an ideal customer base. Trying something new to freshen up your offering is their fourth tip, and lastly at number 5 is thinking more strategically about where you want your business to go. Stepping back from the day to day low level tasks and focusing on your objectives is key to future success and developing your business.