With the COVID-19 pandemic, packages that are handled by multiple people can easily become contaminated as the virus can remain on certain hard surfaces for up to 24 hours. It’s difficult to maintain social distancing practices with standard package delivery and collection procedures, particularly with the need to verify delivery.

Smart Terminals, on the other hand, allow couriers to deposit packages, parcels and food deliveries directly into compartments. Recipients are able to pick up packages, queues are eliminated, and fewer people come into contact with the packages, further reducing the risk of customer and courier infection.

The Smart Terminals can be designed in many shapes and configurations, and keep each individual package or parcel away from other items. Each compartment is separate and this stops cross contamination in a busy reception, mailroom or office. Delivery and collection times can also be set to avoid the busier times of the day and to fit in with today’s hectic lifestyles. The lower lockers can be selected if the consumer has a disability or mobility challenge. Various sized lockers are available and have an impressive weight capacity of 30kgs per locker.

The parcels are stored in separate lockers that are only accessible by the recipient with the appropriate codes. To ensure that there is no additional risk of infection, administrators can programme the lockers to hold deliveries for a given period to allow time for social distancing to be observed and the risk to diminish.

Kern Smart Terminals can be easily wiped down with anti-bacterial or other cleansers to eliminate viruses and bacteria on surfaces, and the lockers can be loaded from the rear which also reduces the risk of contamination from the virus.

The customer is sent an email or text message with a QR code, barcode or randomised entry code. This code is used to gain entry to the locker and the in-built screen can display safety messages reminding people of the importance of social distancing and keeping the 2m rule.

Scanning the QR or bar code ensures that the recipient doesn’t have to touch the screen; they can just scan the code using the inbuilt reader located below the screen. Using your own smart phone can further reduce the risk of infection.

The back panel of the smart terminals can be removed and the packages can be loaded into the locker, including the refrigerated lockers for perishable items such as food and pharmaceuticals, which can be set at a controlled temperature of 5-7°c.

Frozen lockers are also available; the temperatures of these lockers can be set at minus 18°c to minus 20°c and can be programmed so that separate columns can be set at different temperatures.

There are many extras available for the terminals including roof canopies, speakers, extra cameras, audible alarms, receipt printers and finger print scanners. The Smart Terminals can be painted in any colour with a RAL number, and vinyl wraps can be used to promote corporate branding or advertising.

If you would like to find out more how your business could benefit from Kern Smart Terminals please get in touch by calling us on 0845 680 60 60 or emailing info@kern.co.uk.


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