Example of a subscription box parcelThere are millions of Brits currently signed up to a subscription box service in the UK, that’s over 26% of all UK shoppers according to Royal Mail’s new UK Subscription Box Market report*.

Due to the COIVD-19 pandemic and limitations to supermarkets’ available online order slots being stretched to the limit this has encouraged more people to sign up to food and drink subscription boxes which saw the markets have a combined value of over £1 billion which is only set to grow over the next 4 years.**

However, the market hasn’t only grown within the food and drink sector. It saw a large increase in hygiene related items, household essentials and mostly personal care and grooming items such as razors, blades and shaving accessories and beauty products.

  • The health and beauty sector has grown from £43 million in 2017 to £79 million in 2020
  • Male grooming supplies have seen a 108% growth between 2017 and 2020 to reach a value of £41.7 million

There are many reasons more people are signing up to subscription boxes some of which including a wide variety of high and low value products for a reasonable price and the convenience of having your everyday essentials delivered straight to your door.

With 2.8 billion parcels being sent in 2019/2020*** many multi-tenant residences are being left with unclaimed boxes which are being left in reception areas waiting collection by their residence, which is where Kern can help.

Kern’s 24/7 Smart Lockers are secure automated lockers that allow the courier to deposit parcels in secure lockers around the clock until the recipient can collect them. Our versatile 24/7 Smart Lockers are available in a variety of different configuration options, depending on your needs.

Kern’s Smart Lockers allow the courier to deposit parcels into the secure locker in reception areas and using a security code sent via SIM, email or push notification the resident can collect this when they next pass through. Once this has been collected it then notifies the sender that the delivery has been made.

To find out more head to Kern’s website to find out more https://kernpack.co.uk/packaging-solutions/automation-and-logistics/






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