Untitled-12The final piece of EU legislation┬ácame into effect this year, protecting our iconic pasty from imitations. Only pasties made in Cornwall to the traditional recipe of beef, potatoes, onions, swede and seasoning can be officially sold as “Cornish pasty” following the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) accreditation in 2011.

A pasty is only deemed to be genuinely Cornish if it is made in a “D” shape with crimping to one side, and must be golden in colour without any splitting or cracking.

According to the Chairman of the Cornish Pasty Association, Elaine Ead, the county of Cornwall is already seeing economic benefits from the EU ruling, stating ” it is helping Cornish farmers and vegetable growers and employing people in bakeries and shops”. She goes on to say that ” the Cornish pasty is part of our history and should be celebrated”.

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