According to Colin Morgan featured in Packaging News, food manufacturers, particularly in the baked goods sector where timings in the production process are key, are under growing pressure to increase productivity and efficiencies.

Measuring OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is claimed to be the most commonly used performance measurement in packaging lines, monitoring how the production line is performing against theoretical optimum performance of the machines. All the various elements of a packaging line can contribute to its OEE, or downtime, so measurement of the effectiveness of the machines is particularly important to production performance.

Packaging News suggest that the cost of downtime in the food and beverage industry can be anything from £3K per hour to £6K per hour – costly on many levels.

KernPack are experts at optimising OEE with experience gained over many years in the production mail industry where uptime and meeting SLA’s are business critical. KernPack engineers are trained to keep systems operating at optimum performance using a wealth of engineering know how and their understanding of the need to maintain  production volumes and improve your processes. We can even determine if your machines have extra capacity that is not being fully utilised.

With manufacturers constantly striving to keep ahead of their competitors and satisfying consumers’ demand for products, increasing efficiency and productivity is key to surviving economically challenging conditions. Kern has a proven track record of success with OEE processes in a production environment. If you want one of our team to talk to you about how to maintain uptime and minimise costly downtime,  just get in touch with us here at KernPack.