Recycling BagAccording to Smithers Pira, the packaging industry needs to reflect the changing needs of the consumer in today’s market. Writing in the Packaging Gazette, they claim there are 5 key trends we all need to be aware of when packaging our products:

Sustainability – an essential part of future business planning, with consumers seeking out the whole product story and changing their buying habits accordingly.

Healthy living – consumers expect to be able to make healthy choices with their food quickly through display packaging. Preservation of fresh foods and offering healthy snacks in small packs are suggested to be one way of meeting this demand.

Convenience – busy consumers are looking for packs that are easy to use and carry, and that are simple to dispose of, with re-sealable packaging to preserve freshness.

Authenticity and Trust – provenance of the product advertised on packaging helps with a products’ credibility and reassures consumers in the wake of the horsemeat scandals.

Cost-effective shopping – smaller and easy to carry types of packaging hold the greatest potential for consumers concious of cost, who are buying their products when they need them, rather than in advance.


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