From clothing to household goods, e-commerce volumes are still on the rise after the COVID-19 pandemic and associated lockdowns.

*In the UK, 55% of the population shop online and the consumers’ favourite items to buy online were clothes and sports goods. According to the 2020 results of an annual interview conducted by the Office for National Statistics, 32% of individuals in the United Kingdom purchased deliveries from restaurants, fast-food chains or catering services. Services and products least popular with online consumers were bicycles, mopeds, cars or other spare parts, which only less than 10 percent of households choose to purchase online.

**SHD Logistics have confirmed the supply chain is still being challenged to reduce package sizes, remove void fill and offer sustainable, eco-friendly and reusable packaging solutions. Many carriers base their shipping charges on volumetric weight therefore smaller package dimensions means lower shipping costs and more orders that can be shipped per lorry, thereby reducing our carbon footprint.

The increasing focus on sustainable packaging by consumers, retailers are becoming more aware about how their packaging plays a vital role in the overall brand image.

This is where Kern can help.

With Kern’s award winning multi-format automated packaging system PackOnTime, retailers can tick all logistic boxes:


  • Cardboard boxes produced on demand in the right size, reusable and easy to open
  • No void fillers necessary
  • Cardboard sheet formed into a stable box providing ultimate protection for goods in transit
  • Items fed and packed automatically
  • Simplification of logistics and warehousing
  • Significant efficiency savings

Kern’s multi-format packaging system makes it possible to handle the rapidly growing shipping volumes and to process packages fully automatically.





a range of consumables to complement our packaging systems and solutions

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