Recent data published by Tamebay claims the UK now has the most parcel deliveries per person in the world, overtaking countries such as Japan and the US. With 140 million parcels being generated each day, parcels per person rose to 74 compared to the worldwide average of 34 parcels per person per year.

This huge increase in parcel volumes in the UK has highlighted businesses and consumers growing concern over issues around first to last mile sustainable options, including packaging and delivery.

With UK consumers relying more and more on ecommerce, the rise in focus on climate change and reducing our carbon footprint is also increasing. Research from UPS has found that sustainability is the second most important thing for 75% of consumers when choosing a retailer to shop with online.*


Kern’s award winning multi-format packaging system, PackOnTime 2box can help solve many first mile challenges and meet the demand for eco-friendly packaging. By automatically producing a custom sized box made from eco-friendly materials for each order, there is no requirement for transporting empty space and void fillers, meaning businesses can fit more packages in fewer vehicles.  With recent logistics supply issues, this has to be a key factor for sustainable fulfilment.

Kern also offer last mile solutions with our 24/7 automated smart lockers. Examples of use include retailers or businesses improving and giving greater flexibility to the “click and collect” concept for customer orders, or residential and office environments offering a secure and convenient parcel delivery and collection facility. Parcel lockers help to reduce the environmental damage caused by increased deliveries. Eliminating failed delivery attempts means fewer vans emitting CO2 on our streets.

These clever lockers can be used with modern BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology, among other things. By integrating this technology, you can access the terminal without the need of a screen. The users (courier or recipient) carry out all the necessary operations via the app on their smartphones. The whole process of placing and picking up goods is handled completely contactlessly.


Kern’s first and last mile solutions are ideal for businesses who care about their carbon footprint, need to increase efficiency with their production, and meet their customer’s ever growing expectations.

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*Logistic Business Magazine issue. September 2021


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