“…and the winner in the technology category is Kern “. With its newly developed Multi Format Packaging System PackOnTime®, Kern was able to win over the 15-member expert jury both economically and ecologically, and was awarded one of the popular “golden eggs”.

Kern  has ticked all the right boxes with the PackOnTime® project. The innovative packaging system operates on sustainable recycled cardboard and eliminates the need for additional filling materials such as plastic, bubble wrap and polystyrene. The content of all kind of orders (single or multiple items) is measured in a 3D process, and then inserted into the tailor-made packaging. The innovative system is intended to address the worldwide booming parcel delivery market. The tailor-made packaging is designed to make the whole supply chain process environmentally friendly. This goal, and the associated savings in CO2, can be achieved with recycled cardboard, the reduction of filling materials and the better utilization of delivery vehicles.

2019 was an important anniversary: The Swiss Packaging Awards were awarded for the most innovative packaging in Switzerland for the 50th time. Because of the anniversary, the winners of all the categories were awarded with a unique golden egg. In this traditional competition (formerly called Swiss Star), the Swiss Packaging Institute SVI honours outstanding packaging solutions. The aim is to showcase the creativity and innovation of the Swiss packaging industry.

You can find out more about this latest innovation from Kern here. 


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