Kern are proud to support the installation of National Presort Inc’s XStream parcel sortation systems at Royal Mail’s Heathrow Worldwide Distribution Centre at Langley. With our engineering expertise in demand, our technical specialists are providing welcome additional resource to ensure the systems are up and running in time for the seasonal rush.

The Xstream has the ability to sort up to 30,000 large letters or parcels per hour into different bins depending on their final destination and sort plastic, poly wrap, boxes, flats and most irregular pieces with a wide variety of product sizes, shapes and weights.

The XStream is the perfect parcel automation system for any processing environment and is the ideal solution to handle the increase in UK parcel volumes. According to Royal Mail, investments into parcel sortation technology forms a key part of Royal Mail’s transformation strategy to become a parcels-led business.

You can read all about the XStream solution here.



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