Here at Kern we are proud to support the East Sussex charity Surviving the Streets UK, who have launched new community cloud services including their smart digital food banks using automated lockers supplied by Kern to provide contactless access to food and other items 24/7.

Thought to be one of the UK’s first digital food, pet and homeless support banks, the colour coded lockers enable Surviving the Streets UK to offer a contactless service to support their less fortunate communities safely, across the UK, working with non-profit groups and charities.

Kern’s 24/7 Smart Lockers are secure automated lockers that allows the charity to deposit goods into each relevant individual compartment until the recipient requires them, and once the collection has been made, the charity is notified by the software.

Community Food Cloud was setup and designed by the founder Mr James Robinson from Hastings in East Sussex, to help and support many less fortunate people in their communities struggling to survive, in an around the clock and Covid-safe way, thus avoiding unsafe queuing at food banks.

With many family struggling, even pet dogs or cats can end up not eating for days, so Surviving the Streets created the UK’s first digital pet support banks, the Community Pet Cloud. Community Homeless Cloud was setup to help the homeless in their community that need a tent, sleeping bag or wash kits, bottled water and breakfast bags.

Surviving the Streets UK is a non-profit charity run by its founders, James and Peter Robinson, who work, alongside their dedicated team of volunteers, 7 days a week to help and support the homeless and less fortunate communities around East Sussex including children and vulnerable adults centres, schools, and the elderly.

They also run food banks and outreach teams and to date, have given out over 240k meals around East Sussex and stopped tons of food from going to waste.

With a mission to combat food waste all over East Sussex, support their local communities, schools and less fortunate families with food and support, they also aim to solve this crisis at its root and help these communities get back on their feet.

We applaud their ingenuity and selfless dedication to those struggling to survive in these challenging times.


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