We are proud to share the ongoing and growing success of our range of 24/7 Smart Lockers. Kern are excited to be working with PKN Orlen, who is a Polish state oil refiner and petrol retailer. The corporation is a significant European publicly traded firm with major operations in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, and the Baltic states as well as an operation in Canada. They plan to install hundreds of our Kern 24/7 automated parcel lockers all across Poland over the next few years making last mile delivery easier than ever.

PKN Orlen have started installing parcel lockers for their own courier services under the brand “ORLEN paczka” (ORLEN parcel). In the initial phase of launching the service, RUCH, acquired by PKN Orlen in November 2020, will be responsible for the logistics service of the parcels. RUCH operates a network of kiosks with newspapers and general necessities, as well as courier service. By Q3 of 2021 ORLEN Parcel aims to operate a network of about 200 parcel lockers, rising to about 2000 within the next two years.

These lockers will be multi-module devices from Kern, who have also installed a huge range of lockers for industries such as retail, travel and transport, healthcare, education, military organisations and city authorities all around Europe and beyond.


Kern’s 24/7 Smart Lockers were the perfect solution for PKN Orlen as they can be placed inside or outside and can consist of a variety of different sized compartments that could be used to store anything from important documents to large parcels. Kern Smart Lockers are available in a variety of different configuration options, depending on customer requirements to provide endless possibilities for contactless, secure, trackable and efficient delivery and collection services.

Kern Smart Terminals software technology provides a global and modern solution for multiple kinds of business and end user ecosystems or business applications, like e-commerce players, retailers, banks, industries, logistic companies or local shops.

To address all types of technical or application requirements, Kern provide a large software solutions portfolio based on an open, scalable and flexible technology package which allows our solution to adapt to changing business dynamics and requirements across industries. This includes our Smart BOPIS and PUDO solutions and many more. Kern’s software is based on a large modular portfolio of components and package solutions that help us to cover all requirements in terms of workflow process, security, and compliance to suit rapidly changing customer environments. With Kern Smart Terminal Software your organisation will benefit from:

  • Standardized or tailored made features
  • Saas, on premise or stand-alone architectures
  • Hardware agnostic (compatible with all Kern Smart Terminals)
  • Traceability engine and advanced research
  • Reporting & BI modules
  • Global notifications (mail, push messages, SMS)
  • API driven and seamless integration
  • Full back end and operations platform
  • User-friendly interfaces


To find out more go to: https://www.kern.co.uk/systems-solutions/kernterminal/smart-terminals.html


a range of consumables to complement our packaging systems and solutions

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