KernPack and ATS  Unique Banding solutions are using their extensive knowledge and understanding of the food sector to produce sustainable solutions for expertly strapping and bundling food items. With their innovative ultra sonic cold welding technology, our machines are able to gently and safely band convenience food items without any heat generation even in humid, dusty or cold temperatures.

With the added bonus of adding extra marketing value to all qualities of paper and film that can be imprinted with up to 8 colours, manufacturers in the food sector can take advantage of this unique Swiss technology.

Ideal for tray packed food products such as fresh salads, cheeses or dried meats, this Ultra Sonic Banding technology offers real cost savings:

  • Protects the tray (opening and hygeine protection)
  • Replaces the price label
  • Replaces the product information label

For multipacks such as cold meats or fresh pasta, this environmentally friendly Ultra Sonic Banding solution offers great advertising opportunities for the manufacturer. With the ability to price, code and track promotional goods, the all in one machine offers both manufacturer and retailer an efficient, easy to handle sustainable solution.


Reducing packaging and processing steps, the ATS Ultra Sonic technology delivers:

  • Guaranteed hygiene
  • Attractive product appearance with advertising appeal
  • Flexibility for  fresh products with limited shelf life
  • Shelf ready packaging

With consumers looking more and more to sustainability and convenience when they buy their food, this innovative and sustainable packaging solution really delivers to both manufacturers, retailers and the consumer.

KernPack also offers the full range of Ultra Sonic and Heat Seal imprinted or unprinted  banding material and consumables.

For more information about KernPack’s superb range of  unique Ultra Sonic Banding Systems for the food industry, call our experts at KernPack.

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