Logistics Business magazine* examines the critical shortage of delivery drivers in the UK due to cancellation of some 28,000 HGV driving tests during the pandemic and Brexit visa rules causing shortages of European drivers. Logistics UK claims there is a current shortage of 90,000 truck drivers across the UK.

The BBC** have highlighted in a recent article that the number of cancelled driver training test has risen to 40,000 due to the global COVID-19 Pandemic.

UK consumers are demanding quick and sustainable delivery options for their online orders, with e-commerce businesses facing the challenge of ensuring their packages meet their customers’ delivery expectations.

Reducing the size of packages is proven to have a significant impact on meeting these challenges. With fit to size packaging, businesses can transport more packages per lorry, meaning fewer journeys and drivers needed.

Kerns’ award- winning PackOnTime packaging system is the obvious solution. Producing boxes in the right size for items by dynamically measuring and automatically packing with no need for void fillers, simplifying logistics and warehousing. Kern’s multi-format packaging system can help to significantly reduce transport volumes, carbon footprint and meet today’s logistics challenges.

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** BBC – https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/uk-58674934


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