Have you heard of greenwashing?

Greenwashing is defined in the Cambridge Dictionary as “behaviours or activities that make people believe that a company is doing more to protect the environment than it really is”. For example, companies using misleading statements like ‘go green, go paperless’ when in reality their aim is to save costs.

Greenwashing is a serious danger for our industry which, if left unchallenged, threatens the loss of £22.4 million of value annually for the paper, print and mailing industry in the UK, (€337 million in Europe*).

Research by Two Sides found that 76% of UK consumers want to choose how they receive communications and currently 41% of UK consumers still receive bills and statements on paper in the post.

Campaigns from Two sides exposing the use of greenwashing has resulted in a UK total of £11.2 million being preserved annually for paper, print and mail. With the ongoing work for this campaign, the mail and print industry could see an increase in workload.

Kern have a range of solutions offering speed, reliability, ease of use, single person operation, with flexibility and rapid job change-overs to cater for any job requirement, simple or complex, big or small. These will fully meet the needs of the “still strong and sustainable” physical communications market. Combining this with our unrivalled service and support coverage, your mailing output is in safe hands.

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