From confectionery to fruit and snacks, companies are now turning to automated systems which can safely wrap a whole range of different-shaped products in any configuration.

The key in the food industry to wrapping any product is flexibility and speed.

With the start of autumn on our doorsteps and the nights beginning to draw in it becomes a perfect time to make jam and chutney, but did you know that many hard fruits can now be flow wrapped?

Flow wrapping of hard fruit in supermarkets is now becoming the preferred choice of packaging says Retail Packaging magazine. Fresh produce suppliers will have to invest in flow wrappers to remain competitive with the major high street chains according to Derek Paterson from Ulma Packaging. It’s already been proven that there are huge cost advantages by carrying out this move. Many growers are now enjoying the benefits of flow wrapping their hard fruit ready to be sold in many shops across the UK.

Since adopting the flow wrapped packaging, many companies have almost doubled their output – packaging 40 to 45 packs a minute, with the added option of an automatic in feed which could boost output to 60 packs a minute reported Retail Packaging Magazine.

Along with the flexibility and speed of a flow wrapper there are also many other advantages to a business. Why not print directly onto the flow wrap film? It saves money on employing staff to manually apply labels to each product but also provides a much more professional image and presentation of your product.

A flow wrapping machine can benefit you in many ways, whether you are a small, medium or large company. It will allow some producers to have an option of using just one system for all their production explains Derek Paterson.

KernPack can provide you with a fully-flexible bespoke solution to meet your packaging needs. With the options available to pre-print your designed film, which can be coded and applied before flow wrapping, KernPack can offer a complete solution. To increase your productivity and efficiency in your process KernPack can provide the innovative flow wrapping technology you require.

Says Retail Packaging “In order to meet the growing demand from retailers these benefits help to extend shelf life, have great commercial visibility and increase speed to market”. Three benefits that the team at KernPack believe will add great value to any business.


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