With more of us ordering our food online for delivery, keeping the cold chain intact is of major importance for the supplier and the consumer.

From frozen ready meals, quality meat, fish and deli products, meal subscription boxes, fresh fruit and vegetables; delivering perishable food at the peak of freshness and sustaining that quality is paramount to your business and your customers. But what do you do if your customers are not at home to take delivery of their purchase?

We believe we have the answer – FrigiKern Terminals. It’s a convenient, secure and sustainable solution for fresh and frozen food deliveries. They are parcel and goods delivery terminals that enable secure delivery even if the sender and recipient are not present at the same time.

Customers can collect their order at a time convenient to them. There’s no need for them to wait at home or have their purchase delivered to work or other locations where their food cannot be kept refrigerated or frozen.

Deliveries can only be collected using a code which is sent directly to the individual. Their fresh and frozen orders can be stored in secure lockers at the correct temperature until ready for collection.

Keeping frozen goods between -18 and -20 degrees, and chilled products between +1 and +5 degrees, these terminals can be configured according to your needs. You can choose a combination of chilled and frozen lockers allowing space for a range of orders. Ambient lockers can even be integrated for items that don’t need to be temperature controlled.

The terminals can also be used as advertising space by designing them with your own branding, personality and messaging. Allow your brand message to resonate with the needs, wants, and desires of your target market. By customising the design of your terminals, you can connect with your customers and expand your reach to new customers.

Our intelligent control system ensures that the terminal is always ready for use, that all processes from dispatch to collection of the goods by the customer function flawlessly. The Kern Group offers versatile and flexible software options for every need.

These systems are based on a modular software suite and can be customised extensively to suit your particular business. An ergonomically designed user interface ensures secure operation and guarantees that only recipients specified by the sender can access the stored goods.

Kern 24/7 Smart Terminals software technology provides a global and modern solution for multiple kinds of business and end user ecosystems or business applications.

With 24/7 service and support back up, customers get peace of mind that their products will reach their customers in peak condition, every time. From concept stage to installation and commissioning, the Kern team ensures you receive professional customer service, first class customer care and efficient service, every time.

For a no obligation demonstration of how to deliver just what your customer needs – call us on 0845 6806060 and find out more. If you prefer to email us, you can do it here.



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