Smart Lockers for Office Parcel Management

With the lifting of all remaining Covid-19 restrictions, the UK government have now removed the ‘work from home’ guidance and are encouraging people to consider plans for returning to the office.

E-commerce is booming, with around 4.2 billion parcels sent in 2020/2021.* This rise in online deliveries means that with more people in the workplace comes a greater flow of incoming and outgoing mail, both personal and business related.

With consumers continuing their increased use of online shopping platforms comes the issue of parcel management in office buildings, with storage and security problems around unclaimed deliveries being left in communal areas awaiting collection. This creates more work for receptionists or other members of staff who have to manage the flow and prevent a security issue from unclaimed parcels being left in communal areas.

Kern Smart Locker Solutions

That’s where Kern Smart Lockers come in. Our secure, versatile lockers can be located both indoors and outdoors, can be designed to fit with corporate branding, and are accessible 24/7. Flexibility and convenience are crucial to today’s busy consumer, and thanks to Smart Lockers’ ability to offer collection at any time, office workers can now retrieve items in between meetings, at the end of the day, or keep the item secure until the next time they are in the office. There is no longer any need to leave items unattended on Reception or on desks.

Smart Lockers can be used to temporarily store refrigerated/frozen goods, pharmaceuticals, confidential documents, clothes, keys and much more. Time is precious and thanks to the extensive capabilities of our lockers, people can save  time after work picking up their food shop, prescriptions or any other important items and retrieve it all from one convenient hub.

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