cross between a doughnut and a croissant, the first ‘cronut’ was born in New York in May this year and since then it’s become a worldwide sensation.

London has now followed the trend and according to the, they’ve uncovered a number of outlets that are trying to capitalise on the latest cronut-mania.  These outlets include the London chocolatier, Cocomaya, Rinkoff’s Bakery and the exclusive Duck & Waffle restaurant, who has even created its own version called the ‘dosant’.

Daniel Doherty, the executive chef at Duck & Waffle said they were “inspired” by New York’s new innovation “the dosant is left as a whole croissant, flakier on the outside and fluffier in the middle compared to the cronut.”

“The reception has been great. People have been super-curious to try them, which is ultimately what food is all about,” he added.
Cocomaya has plans to develop the product even further for seasonal events. Operations manager Katie Ditchfield says “we’re considering something whacky around October, and an orange filling for Christmas.”

Jennifer Rinkoff of Rinkoff’s Bakery has also launched its own version of the cronut this month, with a choice of raspberry, vanilla or lemon filling. “After going viral in America everyone else has been waiting for something similar to happen over here,” comments Jennifer.

As well as the artisan end of the market, ingredients manufacturers are also keen to cash in on the latest cronut craze. Zeelandia has already announced they have a mix that will help bakers to make their own version of the New York phenomenon, reports the


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