As a nation we have been relying on online retailers to provide not only our food, but other goods such as clothing, medicines, toiletries and lifestyle items amongst others. Our preference for online shopping has increased the delivery of packages significantly, and of course with more of us slowly going back into the workplace, the challenges of at home delivery increase.

According to the Office of National Statistics, during the lockdown, online shopping as a proportion of all retail reached a record high of 30.7%. Many businesses have had to move to new ways of working, such as home-delivery services. Some believe online shopping, with collection and delivery options, will reshape the way businesses move forward in a post Covid world. Retailers have adopted new smarter technology with a greater digital footprint. Many experts feel that this will enable these businesses to compete effectively in the future. All types of businesses have seen record amounts being spent with them online. In fact, even the Financial Times states “Coronavirus may be the catalyst that changes the shopping habits of millions of people for good”.

If there was ever a time that parcel lockers came into their own, this is it. To have a delivery point where we can collect our parcels safely, without contact, at a time that is convenient to us and with absolute security, is priceless in a post pandemic world.

Whether it is fresh or frozen food items, pharmaceuticals, important documents, e-commerce goods or laundry, Kern smart lockers provide a reassuringly safe and sensible option for the exchange of items without the need for unnecessary contact with others.

With travel opening up after many months of us wondering if we will ever go on holiday this year, the lure of duty free shopping holds its own anxieties for those of us craving our summer getaway. Crowded duty free shops, even with face coverings and social distancing measures, remain on our list of safety concerns. This is where Kern smart lockers come into their own. By ordering your duty free shopping for collection at a contactless locker terminal, the issues of proximity to other people is relieved. Simple, secure and safe shopping for holidaymakers who want the benefits of duty free without the risk.

There is no doubt that the coming months will present us with new and different challenges, but one thing will remain constant – the risk of other people transmitting the virus to us or our loved ones. By reducing the risk of coming into contact with others or touching contaminated surfaces, we reduce the risk of the virus spreading. Online shopping is here to stay, and provides a safer option for many people who are not yet comfortable going to the shops. What better way of receiving your goods than a collection point that reduces the risks while still providing the convenience, choice and security offered by intelligent parcel lockers.

To find out how Kern’s range of smart, secure and simple locker terminals fit into our new Covid world, get in touch by email or phone.


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