Our Smart Locker Terminals are ideal for a variety of purposes, such as:

Smart lockers for retail

Install a Smart City Terminal inside/outside the store to allow customers to order online and collect when convenient, without having to come into contact with members of staff. Also ideal for online retailers without the resource to deliver to some customers, allowing them to deliver various orders to one location for all customers to retrieve at their convenience.

Smart lockers for residential areas

By installing a Smart Home Terminal in a centralised location, residents can have online orders such as food, clothes and medicine delivered, removing the need for delivery drivers to go to individual houses/flats, as well as preventing reception areas/communal rooms being filled up with packages stacked up on desks or on the floor.

Car garage smart lockers:

Having a Smart City Terminal allows staff to receive orders of spare parts, tools or other equipment they may need for their next job, even when the business is closed. This is particularly useful for businesses who provide 24 hour cover, where employees are not able to collect the equipment they need within opening hours. They can also be used for customers to collect paperwork, car keys or spare parts even outside business opening hours.

Offices and business parks:

With the ability to do online shopping being increasingly vital, more people are having deliveries sent to their places of work. This often leads to an increased workload to manage the inflow of parcels. Installing a Smart Terminal in reception areas or outside the building allows staff to receive deliveries such as food, medicine, spare parts or even laundry. They can also be used for securely sharing important or confidential documents.

So how do they work?

Once a Smart Locker Terminal is installed, receiving deliveries is really easy.

1. An order is placed and the delivery location (the Smart Terminal) is selected

2. The goods are placed into a secure smart locker within the chosen Smart Terminal

3. The system relays a unique collection code to the recipient

4. The recipient enters the unique code and retrieves the goods

5. The system informs the sender that the delivery has been made

Kern also offers Frigi Terminals, allowing deliveries of items such as fresh or frozen food and temperature controlled medicines, without interrupting the cold chain. The individual lockers within the Terminals can be set to the required temperature for the specific delivery, ranging from +1 to +5 and -18 to -20 degrees.

We have Terminals in stock for immediate delivery in order to keep your business operating efficiently during this increasingly challenging time, so get in touch now to find out how we can provide a solution for your business.

If you’re interested in receiving a quote and/or discussing your requirements with our sales experts please contact our sales experts on 0845 680 60 60 or email info@kern.co.uk.


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