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Fresh and frozen food deliveries boxed off

With more of us ordering our food online for delivery, keeping the cold chain intact is of major importance for the supplier and the consumer. From frozen ready meals, quality meat, fish and deli products, meal subscription boxes, fresh fruit and vegetables; delivering perishable food at the peak of freshness and sustaining that quality is… Read more

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Kern wins Packaging Award with new packaging System

“…and the winner in the technology category is Kern “. With its newly developed Multi Format Packaging System PackOnTime®, Kern was able to win over the 15-member expert jury both economically and ecologically, and was awarded one of the popular “golden eggs”. Kern  has ticked all the right boxes with the PackOnTime® project. The innovative packaging… Read more

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Dear Dairy….

Milk is a product that has been consumed by people of all ages for centuries. With consumers becoming ever more concerned about the health impacts of what they’re eating and drinking, UK dairy farmers and organisations such as Dairy UK are putting their time and money into spreading the word about the health benefits of… Read more

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Measuring your production line performance

According to Colin Morgan featured in Packaging News, food manufacturers, particularly in the baked goods sector where timings in the production process are key, are under growing pressure to increase productivity and efficiencies. Measuring OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is claimed to be the most commonly used performance measurement in packaging lines, monitoring how the production line… Read more

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Intelligent packaging for convenience foods

KernPack and ATS Unique Banding solutions are using their extensive knowledge and understanding of the food sector to produce sustainable solutions for expertly strapping and bundling food items. With their innovative ultra sonic cold welding technology, their machines are able to gently and safely band convenience food items without any heat generation even in humid, dusty or cold temperatures.

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Your top 5 business objectives for 2014

According to the Institute of Directors, businesses need to think about their goals for the rest of 2014. They recommend 5 top business goals for 2014 and suggest that a focus on controlling cash flow is key to your business survival and growth, keeping control of your costs and effective credit control.  Good branding is… Read more

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Inflation of up to 6% for Food and Drink in 2014

According to Prestige Purchasing’s annual Food and Drink Inflation report, Food and Drink inflation could reach up to 6% in 2014. Having already been subject to a 30% rise in the cost of food since 2007, it is claimed that inflation levels will exceed those of 2013 which peaked at 4.7% in October 2013. The… Read more

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New Year ban for imitation Cornish Pasty

The final piece of EU legislation came into effect this year, protecting our iconic pasty from imitations. Only pasties made in Cornwall to the traditional recipe of beef, potatoes, onions, swede and seasoning can be officially sold as “Cornish pasty” following the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) accreditation in 2011. A pasty is only deemed to be… Read more

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