The world’s most envinronmentally-efficient packaging material has been unveiled.

Polyair, which is made from sugar cane, is 100 per cent recyclable and even produces oxygen via the process of photosynthesis.

The product was created by Polythene UK, which claims that 2.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide will be removed from the atmosphere for every tonne of the product that is manufactured.

In an interview with, the company’s managing director James Woollard said that the material could be used for all sorts of packaging, from bags and covers to tubes, films and wraps.

He said: “Using a bio-based material, such as Polyair, at a percentage of 60 per cent in film reduces the CO2 emissions to zero even when you take into consideration the energy used for manufacturing and shipping. Put simply, Polyair is truly the greenest material we know of.”

Considering the increased awareness of carbon footprints in the business world, there could be plenty of demand for this carbon positive packaging material.

According to, Polyair was first launched in 2009 as an oxo-degradable polythene, but Polythene UK soon became keen to invent a product which offered more environmental benefits than a material which degraded within two to three years.


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