Retail giant Waitrose is planning to cut its packaging waste in half as part of the firm’s new corporate social responsibility pledge.

Reported by, Waitrose is planning to halve packaging waste by 2016 as part of the 12 pledges inĀ its ‘Waitrose Way’ commitments to sustainability.

A full redesign and packaging update has been given to 49 products within the ‘Menu from Waitrose’ range, with one of the main changes being a decrease on the width of sleeves on the outside of the products. This saving is the equivalent of 33 metric tons of packaging per year.

In addition, the retailer will be introducing aluminium sleeves to their food products, which consumers will be able to recycle after use.

According to, pre-printed bags for fruit portions have also been changed, saving 60 per cent of the weight by taking off the label.

Commenting on the move, Waitrose packaging and reprographics manager Karen Graley said: “We are always working hard to reduce packaging where we can, to decrease the waste reaching our customers’ bins and ensure they can recycle as much as possible.

“Relaunching a range is a fantastic opportunity to do this and cutting packaging by nearly 100 tonnes per year is a great result to have achieved on our journey to halving packaging by 2016,” he added.


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