Over 12,500 people have signed a petition urging Tesco to reduce its overly cautious approach to allergy warnings on food packaging.

Shoppers have grown irate at seeing everyday items like orange juice, butternut squash and potatoes carrying the words ‘may contain nuts’ despite appearing to contain no traces of the ingredient at all.

Parents have been particularly vocal in the campaign to change Tesco’s food packaging for the better. Many are of the opinion that deeming so many foods unsafe for youngsters with peanut allergies is reducing the range of goods they can purchase.

According to theguardian.com, the petition was launched by Claire Hussein, from Portsmouth, who opposed the way Tesco “dramatically changed its labelling policy” and is looking for things to change.

“We recognise there will be risk in some foods, such as chocolate and biscuits,” she told dailymail.co.uk.

“However, when you attempt a weekly shop for your family and find that everything from baked beans to pizza, butternut squash, potatoes, fruit juice and more are suddenly labelled as being potentially unsafe it is very disruptive and leaves you with extremely limited options for feeding your family.”

Ms Hussein believes Tesco is going the round about way of making a “genuine and careful assessment of the risks” involved in food consumption and is calling on the supermarket to “act now” to change its labelling procedures.


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