Direct Mail specialist, Baker Goodchild, believes that the British public is ‘returning to mail’, having achieved some great results over the past year.

Recording bumper sales, the Birmingham-based mail company saw revenues grow by 45 per cent, while this year’s growth is already standing at 30 per cent, despite the recession.

It’s an impressive situation and one which managing director, Bruce Thompson, believes is down to the increased number of people embracing the internet to market their services. More people, he suggests, are sending out mail in ‘support of their online activities’.

Mr Thompson told “Whilst the economy has undoubtedly been difficult for the last five years or so, we have found mail and direct mail to be a very resilient product.

“It seems to do better in a recession as companies look at what they used to do to improve customer retention and win new business, as revenues are harder to come by.”

Anticipating this trend, Baker Goodchild has itself invested significant funds into buying some new mailing machinery. It’s new multi-mailer insertion machine will increase capacity by a quarter, allowing for the processing of 225,000 items every day.

Via, the firm emphasised the need for the investment in order that it might ‘speed up internal processes’ and deliver a more efficient service to its customers.


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