Transpromo will continue to be used for years to come, although it could be known by a different name, one expert has claimed.

German publication ‘BIT’ spoke with Compart AG chairman and CEO Harald Gumser to determine how the ever-changing IT world would look in the coming years. One aspect Gumser noted was transpromo, claiming that it could build on already strong growth in the near future, reports.

Gumser started by acknowledging that transpromo – whereby previously blank white space on documents or invoices is filled with tailored and relevant marketing content – was invented just a few years ago “to justify the higher costs in colour printing”.

Looking ahead, he claimed that the impetus will soon shift from higher response rates to infrastructure savings, as CRM data systems provide businesses with significantly more operational data.

Put quite simply, he forecast more whitespace marketing “and eventually not even realize that we’re making use of transpromo under a different name.”

Whilst Gumser didn’t put a┬ádate on his estimates, he noted that simpler tasks, such as replacing pre-printed forms, had already begun in earnest. The second step, meanwhile, would involve concurrent printing of traditional attachments, whilst third would involve printing envelopes, to bring transpormo to mailing efforts not just on the documents but their packaging as well.

“I’m sure that the future is in white roll paper and we are doing quite a bit to make this as easy as possible,” he told


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