Consumers generally prefer to buy their food in transparent packaging, although they tend to shift away from buying healthy products in open-window containers.

That’s the view of Steve Herlehy, account executive at Plastic Suppliers, who consulted with recent analysis from MarketWatch to deliver insight into what helps certain types of packaged foods stand out.

Cited by, he said packaging plays a vital role in selling products in the food and beverage industry, with plenty of factors taken into consideration.

“While many may think the quality and type of food is what draws us to a certain product, the truth is our minds are heavily influenced by the design and packaging that a consumable may come in,” stated Mr Herlehy.

In the study, researchers from MarketWatch told the objects they would be evaluating adverts placed in between a showing of popular American sitcom ‘The Office’. They were also given snack foods to consume while they tuned in, with nuts, cookies M&Ms and Cheerios among the products supplied.

The group were told to analyse the adverts closely, but the focus of the study was actually on the food they consumed and how popular each product proved to be.

The research found that visually appealing snack foods such as cookies performed better in transparent packages than from opaque containers, with the same applying to small foods like M&Ms. However, healthier products were found to be far less appealing in clear containers.

Mr Herlehy claimed consumers are put off by knowing exactly what they’re going to eat, leading him to suggest that food manufacturers should seal their small foods in transparent packaging and use opaque containers for larger goods.

“It will be very interesting to see how manufacturers and marketers use this information, which will no doubt impact their reliance on the flexible packaging industry,” he told


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