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Supermarkets adopt new approaches to meet e-commerce demand

An increasing number of supermarkets are being forced to change their tactics in order to adapt to the changing e-commerce habits of consumers. Property firm Jones Lang LaSalle is expecting major grocery retailers to build significantly on the amount of space they currently devote to internet custom. According to, Waitrose, Tesco and Asda will… Read more

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One in six e-retailers contemplating a move into the High Street

A number of online retailers are looking to buck the national trend and bring their digital store into the real world, reports. Countless reports over 2013 detailed the “death” of Britain’s high streets, as retailers moved out of physical stores and into the online marketplace. Despite gloomy forecasts suggesting this trend will continue long into… Read more

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Treasury warned over online retailer tax

Retailers have hit back after new Treasury proposals suggested introducing a tax on online retail, reports. In a bid to place online retailers on a level playing field with those operating on the high street, the government has suggested introducing a new “online retail tax” that could redress the current imbalance. Retailers have hit back, however, claiming… Read more

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Ocado to support Morrisons’ e-commerce site

Ocado is to support Morrisons in its venture into the online shopping sector, reports. Previously, Morrisons had been concerned about how profitable an online grocery service would be, but after lagging behind its competitors thanks to its resistance, it decided to launch an e-commerce website by (at the latest) January 2014. Ocado will support it… Read more

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British-made products to soar in popularity across the world

British retailers could see their overseas online sales volumes soar over the coming years, reports. Research from OC&C Strategy and Google found that, by 2020, overseas online sales values will have increased seven fold, from £4 billion to £28 billion. Furthermore, this increase will mean it outpaces domestic growth and will account for 40 per… Read more

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World’s most environmentally-efficient packaging unveiled

The world’s most envinronmentally-efficient packaging material has been unveiled. Polyair, which is made from sugar cane, is 100 per cent recyclable and even produces oxygen via the process of photosynthesis. The product was created by Polythene UK, which claims that 2.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide will be removed from the atmosphere for every tonne of… Read more

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