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Direct mail, book publishing and transpromo are encouraging sources of growth

A survey has suggested that direct mail, book publishing and transpromo are encouraging sources of growth for firms that use digital printing to help grow their business. According to, this information comes from a survey conducted in six languages, sent to over 400 graphic communications providers in the Xerox Premier Partners Global Network. The… Read more

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Direct mail still relevant, says study

A recent survey has shown that consumers believe that direct mail is still important in the marketing industry. According to Print Monthly magazine, the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) surveyed 1,232 UK adults to find out how they feel about direct mail. They found that 79 per cent of customers act straight away on direct mail,… Read more

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“Third way” of publishing takes little time in making its presence known

A new hybrid print and publishing model, dubbed the “third way” by news outlets, is helping make 2013 the year of the author, reports Founded by a collective of award-winning authors, Notting Hill Press is working with big names in the romantic comedy genre to create a bridge between self-publishing and some of the more traditional ways… Read more

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Packaging holds growth potential, says market expert

The rapidly evolving packaging market holds the potential for growth, according to a market expert on Nicholas Mockett, partner at corporate finance house Moorgate Capital, says that the transient printing market will likely see a spike in mergers and acquisitions (M&A). In traditional print and publishing, Mockett says that this is likely to come from… Read more

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