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Ever tried ‘chicken trotters’? One in ten Britons believe they have, claims survey

A number of Britons believe they have tasted ‘chicken trotters’ and ‘pigs wings’, according to a new study that surveyed Britons on their eating habits. Cited by, the survey – conducted by the RSPCA’s Freedom Food scheme – presented a list of foodstuffs including two fake delicacies to a number of respondents, who were asked to indicate… Read more

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Snack manufacturers to experiment with flavours as industry prepares for growth

Snack manufacturers will continue to place emphasis on innovation as they prepare for their industry’s expansion, according to new research. Snack Foods 2013, conducted and published by business intelligence firm Key Note, says the industry will continue its trajectory by growing 30.5 per cent over the next five years. The study based its key finding on a number… Read more

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Food manufacturers expected to provide more single-serve portions of products

A rise in people living alone will cause more food manufacturers to consider whether they’re selling enough of their products in single portions. That’s according to a lowdown of the upcoming trends in food packaging from the industry experts at, who are backing meals-for-one to become huge sellers in the months ahead. The website claimed single-serve portions are on the rise in the… Read more

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European Commission backtracks on olive oil change

The European Commission (EC) has scrapped its plans to force restaurants to serve olive oil only in ‘tamper-proof’ packaging rather than refillable bowls, jars or bottles. That’s according to, which revealed that after widespread criticism of the plans, the EC decided against making the change. It initially wanted to ban oil being served in refillable… Read more

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People’s lives most impacted by recloseable packing, survey finds

Over the past 25 years, recloseable packaging has had the most significant impact on European residents’ lives, reports. That’s according to a survey undertaken by DuPont, which revealed that of all the packaging breakthroughs made in the past quarter of a century, recloseable packaging has proven most useful to the general public. Twenty-seven per… Read more

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Ocado to support Morrisons’ e-commerce site

Ocado is to support Morrisons in its venture into the online shopping sector, reports. Previously, Morrisons had been concerned about how profitable an online grocery service would be, but after lagging behind its competitors thanks to its resistance, it decided to launch an e-commerce website by (at the latest) January 2014. Ocado will support it… Read more

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Waitrose vows to cut packaging in half by 2016

Retail giant Waitrose is planning to cut its packaging waste in half as part of the firm’s new corporate social responsibility pledge. Reported by, Waitrose is planning to halve packaging waste by 2016 as part of the 12 pledges in its ‘Waitrose Way’ commitments to sustainability. A full redesign and packaging update has been given… Read more

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Welsh government discussing methods of reducing packaging waste

A range of new measures are being considered to help reduce packaging waste in Wales. The Welsh government has published a consultation outlining possible methods of ensuring that retailers use less packaging in the future. According to, it labelled plastic, paper and card packaging in the food industry as a priority for waste reduction…. Read more

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