Supermarkets have been urged to keep a control on portion sizes, following revelations that some products have almost doubled in size over the last two decades.

Representatives from the British Heart Foundation issued the plea after comparing the change in sizes of 245 products sold by the ‘big four’ supermarket chains.

According to, a typical shepherds pie ready meal has increased in size by 98 per cent, whilst family sized crisp bags were found to be 50 per cent bigger. Some products have shrunk in size without dropping in price, but it was the larger products that really startled the researchers.

In an interview with, British Heart Foundation chief executive Simon Gillespie said that these changes are likely to have had a significant impact on the health of the nation.

He explained: “It’s important we get portion sizes on products right because when people are presented with more food, they eat more food.

“The UK government has not updated its information on typical portion sizes for 20 years and there is currently no legislation relating to portion sizes. It’s time for an urgent review so the portion size playing field is levelled and consumers can be helped to make healthier choices.”


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