Around 65 per cent of consumers say the fact that a meat or poultry product looks good is most important to them when making a buying decision, a new survey reveals.

According to the survey from, the most important consideration for consumers when buying meat is the value for money, with 72 per cent of respondents stating this. Moreover, 64 per cent of Brits look for products that appear to be of a high quality.

This shows that Brits shopping habits might be changing when it comes to meat products, as although they want a high quality product, consumers are actually spending less. Around 17 per cent say they eat less red meat now than they did a year earlier and 11 per cent state they don’t eat as much poultry.

The main reason for this cutback is cost. Almost half (46 per cent) say that meat products have gone up in price and 33 per cent have had to cut back on how much they consume due to this rise in cost. Just last month reported that British beef prices are at an all-time high. As a result, sales of expensive cuts, such as roasting joints, are down by a quarter compared to the same time last year.

YouGov UK research manager Tom Rees says the squeeze on household finances means that consumers will likely be focusing on the value of money of meat products for quite some time.

“Pressure on household food budgets has encouraged many to trade down in terms of price points or cuts in order to stretch household spending further,” he explains. “At the same time there has been a rise in the proportion of consumers choosing to cook from scratch rather than buy meals outside the home to choose more prepared foods such as ready meals.”


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