Scotland hopes to prevent young people from taking up smoking by standardising product packaging.

According to, the decision follows an announcement by Jeremy Hunt, health minister for the UK. Mr Hunt said that the government will not be implementing the idea yet, as they are waiting to decide if it is the right move or not, by monitoring how successful the scheme is in Australia first.

Scotland’s minister for health, Michael Matheson, said he was “disappointed” in the decision from the UK, and have confirmed that Scotland will go ahead with the idea, reports

“The Scottish Government remains committed to introducing standardised packaging, given the strong evidence to support the impact it will have on preventing young people from starting to smoke,” he said.

The British Medical Association (BMA) supports the idea, and believes that the UK government have given into pressure from the tobacco industry. They say that there is evidence to support the theory that packaging is a big influence on young people and can persuade them into taking up smoking.

Scotland began its strategy for making the country tobacco-free back in March this year. The scheme will involve educating young people better on the dangers of smoking, as well as standardising the packaging of tobacco products.


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