The impending overhaul of Britain’s food labelling system is being made to ensure that customers are well catered for.

This is the view of Alasdair Tucker, head of regulatory affairs at Premier Foods – a key player in packaged foods market – who backs the changes made to product labelling as part of the EU’s new Food Information to Consumers Regulation will be the biggest in over 25 years.

According to Mr Tucker, who also serves as the chairman of the Food and Drink Federation’s Food Law and Labelling Committee, emphasis will be placed on improving the way information is presented to consumers when the changes come into effect on December 13.

He told “Subtle changes the consumer may see require a more fundamental review of the collation and presentation of information on behalf of the manufacturer.”

Mr Tucker added that despite representing a significant point in the history of food labelling, the changes will be more “evolution” than “revolution”.

Some of the more striking rules will see all processed foods providing nutrition information on their packaging and containers for unprocessed meat from pigs, sheep, goats and poultry labelled with the animal’s origin.

According to, December 13 will also see the introduction of a minimum size of text to improve legibility on packaging, while food manufacturers will be required to highlight allergens in the ingredients section.


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