Those in the mailing industry have reacted with suspended scepticism with regard to the impending privatisation of the Royal Mail, reports.

The government recently announced that it would be looking to privatise the Royal Mail in a bid to combat inefficiencies, despite being a somewhat unpopular motion across the entire political spectrum, claimed.

Now, those in the printing, packaging and mailing industries have come forward to offer their own takes on the development, with opinion being divided at best.

The Communication Workers Union kicked off by lambasting the announcement – urging MPs to consider alternative ways of raising cash and a reliance on more innovative business structures to those currently in use.

Others, meanwhile, have cited the likes of Rolls Royce and BP, which flourished after they were relieved of their state backing. One such individual was Royal Mail CEO Moya Greene, who claimed it could be more “flexible and fleet of foot” under private ownership.

Greene also looked at similar schemes which took place in Austria and Germany, where 95 per cent of letters arrive the day after posting as a result of privatisation.

Not everyone has such a black-and-white opinion of the issue, however, as Honda’s Amanda Lovelock illustrated. She spoke of being in two minds about the issue – acknowledging that there are efficiency issues which need to be addressed, even if she wasn’t entirely sure that privatisation was the right way of doing this.

One issue that everyone appears to be agreed upon, however, is that even if the deal does go through, it could be months or even years before it’s possible to determine whether it was a successful move or not.


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