Over the past 25 years, recloseable packaging has had the most significant impact on European residents’ lives, packagingeurope.com reports.

That’s according to a survey undertaken by DuPont, which revealed that of all the packaging breakthroughs made in the past quarter of a century, recloseable packaging has proven most useful to the general public.

Twenty-seven per cent of the 300 people surveyed agreed that recloseable packaging had been most useful, with microwaveable plastic trays coming a close second at 21 per cent. Recyclable packaging took third place, aseptic packaging came in fourth and at fifth stood hot fill packaging (a must for the everyday consumer).

Shanna Moore, the leader of the DuPont Packaging Awards (which the winners starred in), commented that it would be “hard to imagine” our everyday lives without these useful resources.

Future breakthrough products will likely need an equal focus on sustainability as they do convenience, though – with packaging expert Dennis Salzaar telling environmentalleader.com that “thinner, stronger materials” will play a key part, as will be the ability to recycle as much content as possible.

Plus, packaging that can be re-used is likely to become popular, he concluded, as the world aims to reduce consumption of materials as a whole.




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