Packaging manufacturers have “no option” but to improve their sustainability credentials, it has been claimed.

Ashwin Moorthy, who is head of engineering and innovation at Nampak Plastics, believes that the “age of abundance” is well and truly over in the packaging industry and that all packaging designers must now proactively look at methods of saving on raw materials.

In an interview with, he claimed that this was particularly pertinent in the dairy industry.

He said: “The plastic milk bottle is one of the most widely used items of packaging in the country, with around four billion of them being purchased every year in the UK, so it creates a major opportunity for waste reduction, material savings and improved sustainability.

“With demanding government targets and an industry striving to reduce its carbon footprint, we have to question who is driving the overall agenda for dairy packaging, and if there are any ways we can make it more efficient?”

Moorthy’s employers Nampak has set the example for sustainable packaging in the diary industry with the creation of the Infini milk bottle in 2011.

The bottle 25 per cent lighter than a standard milk bottle and contains 30 per cent recycled HDPE. According to, Nampak has shifted 250,000 units this year, saving 34,000 tonnes of carbon in the process.


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