Employees in the packaging industry have admitted that some types of packages are too sturdy for them to open.

In a poll conducted by The Grocer, 88 per cent of packaging professionals said they had been forced to use tools to open certain types of packaging.

What’s more, 63 per cent of those questioned claimed that they had injured themselves whilst trying to prise open these tough packages.

According to express.co.uk, three-quarters of the survey’s respondents claimed that packaging companies should make their products easier to open. Many suggested they were “letting down” their customers by making packages so difficult to open.

Hidden film-wrapper openings were found to be most frustrating type of packaging, followed by hard plastic clamshells.

The findings add weight to a poll conducted by Which? Magazine last month, which suggested that a quarter of consumers regularly struggle to open product packaging.

Reiterating his opinions on this issue, Which? editor Richard Headland told thegrocer.co.uk: “Bad packaging is not only frustrating but is causing too many injuries and we want manufacturers to improve the design of product packaging and make opening instructions much more clear.”

Eight hundred employees working in the packaging industry were questioned in the poll.


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