A number of online retailers are looking to buck the national trend and bring their digital store into the real world, thedrum.com reports.

Countless reports over 2013 detailed the “death” of Britain’s high streets, as retailers moved out of physical stores and into the online marketplace. Despite gloomy forecasts suggesting this trend will continue long into 2014, many successful digital enterprises are looking to actively reverse it.

New research conducted by Royal Mail found that around one in six small e-retailers in the UK are looking to expand into physical stores at some point during 2014. Of the 400 retailers quizzed by the Royal Mail, 16 per cent said they were already looking into the prospect of buying up a physical store or moving into an existing one.

Moving into the world of bricks-and-clicks isn’t the only option on the table for e-retailers, with some 40 per cent saying they plan on using some new channels over the coming year. Much of this could come from optimism where future sales were concerned, as 56 per cent of respondents claimed they expected growth in 2014.

Commenting on the results, managing director of Royal Mail Parcels, Nick Landon, told realbusiness.co.uk: “UK SME online retailers are thinking carefully about how they can develop their businesses during 2014.

“They are concentrating on exploiting as many channels to market as possible, adding space in physical premises and online marketplace listings to complement their existing web channel. In addition, they are concentrating on how to price competitively while increasing the range and quality of their goods.”


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