Nostalgic packaging is becoming increasingly popular within the baking industry.

Research from business analyst Datamonitor has suggested that more bakeries are opting for packaging that reminds customers of simpler times.

Tanvi Savara, who is an associate analyst at Datamonitor, has claimed that this is a particularly effective tactic for those targeting older demographics.

Speaking to, she explained: “It’s about inducing a positive emotional response as consumers anchor their emotions to another time or place where things were simpler and happier. We see a lot of brands trying to capitalise on this trend. There are a lot of products going retro, usually in a limited edition format.

Savara suggested that altering a product’s packaging is typically a safer bet than relaunching an old product, but even then would only work with brands that had a rich¬†and memorable heritage.

“The act of baking itself is about nostalgia through olfactory-evoked recall – where a sense of smell can alter the emotional state,” she added.

Fudges is one of the latest brands to embrace this trend. According to, it has completely revamped its packaging, changing its brand name to ‘Thomas J Fudge’s Remarkable Bakery’ after the family’s first baker. The changes arguably represent the biggest shake-up in the brand’s 80-year history.


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