A new type of packaging which lengthens the shelf-life of bread and cheese has been developed by scientists.

Pharmaceutical company Janssen, which developed the bag, is in the midst of discussions with food manufacturers with a view to it being introduced on supermarket shelves as soon as possible.

The plastic bag increases the amount of time that bread and cheese stays fresh without any mould or bacteria growing on it. It has been suggested that the technology could be developed to help protect fruit, vegetables and meat in the future as well.

The bag could dramatically reduce the amount of food that is thrown away by consumers. According to telegraph.co.uk, bread is amongst the most wasted types of food in the UK, with an estimated 4.4 million tonnes being thrown away every year. A recent study by Tesco estimated that around half of the bread sold in its stores ends up in the bin.

There are plans for the technology to be used to prevent the spread of bacteria on pipes, public door handles and hand rails. Thedrum.com reports that there is also potential for it to put an end to the bacteria which makes clothing and footwear smell bad.


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